The Music of Bob Mintzer

Book/CD Solo Transcriptions

Item# : HAR037
Bk & CD: $ 24.95
The brilliant tenor saxophonist, Bob Mintzer, is a world-renowned composer, arranger, leader of his own big band, jazz quartet and a member of the contemporary group the Yellowjackets. He has chosen twelve original compositions from his big band, quartet and Yellowjackets CD recordings for his book which includes a Performing Artist Master Class CD. This is a great way to learn about his music and techniques for composition and improvisation.

The Performing Artist Master Class CD includes excerpts of Bob's transcribed solo recordings, instrumental examples/demonstrations plus discussion of the following topics:

  • Blues/rhythm changes
  • Playing in time
  • Compositional process w/piano
  • Motive development
  • Use of space and pacing your solos
  • Soloing w/drums
  • Harmonic tension
  • Latin considerations.
  • Features:

    12 condensed score leadsheets in concert key
  • 12 transcribed solos
  • Transcription opportunity for you to transcribe Bob Mintzer's blues solo
  • Performing artist master class CD and a discography/biography.
  • Performing artist master class spectrum
  • Songs

  • Dialogue
  • Runferyerlife
  • El Coborojeno
  • One Music
  • Bob Boy
  • Elvin's Mambo

  • Also contains Condensed score
    and solo, discography, biography, etc.