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Check It Out - Transkriber - slow the note('s) down, same pitch..more..
Windows or Mac

to the Software
Item# : HHSW014
Software: $ 49.95
Hornplace   866 528 9224

Sometimes the computor gives me a headache and when I was
asked to check this new product out I thought: "A program that
slows the music down with out changing the pitch, this is good,
but do I really want to play around with complex manuals written
in geekish and get frustrated?"

Anyway the man sends
me a copy to look over and I decide to skip the manual and just try it.
To my amazement, I stick a CD in press the CD button, then the
record button. I record a section then press stop. Lets play it back,
press play, ok. There is the speed button, press it once and I am
listening to the music at 3/4 of the speed and no pitch change.
Press it again and again to reduce the speed to 2/3, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/12.
No downloading time, just the time it took to record the music and then
playback at chosen speed. Hey! This is easy! Now I want to look at the
manual a little, let's see what else the progam can do.

This is a brand new version with many new features.

Version 2.0:

1) Brand new sound engine which has the most realistic
slowed down music and clarity on very slow speeds. All percentages
of slow down (no limit to how slow) and speed up (up to 2x) supported.

2) Note grabber. You can now focus on single notes
or chords within a larger section you are transcribing.

3) Remember functions. You can remember various
sections or notes/chords for later review. These sections
can be named .

4) Many useful features for playing along with slowed down
music and/or learning a part directly from ones instrument.
Too much to explain in one post.

5) Many methods for controlling slow down (or speed
up of music). You can type in exact amounts, change the
current setting by percentages, 1%, 5%, 10%, 20%, 50%.
You can create your own presets or use our builtin presets.

6) Transpose up/down by semitones and/or cents.

7) Continuation of our popular method of selection and
modifcation of loops.

8) Vocal/Lead eliminator. This will substantially reduce
the lead instrument/vocal on most stereo pop recording's.
A more advanced version than in version 1.2. Great when
you are trying to figure out a background part.

9) Left/Right balance and mixing adjustment for best clarity.

10) Fretted instrument control (windows only). Define any
imagineable fretted instrument, # strings, tuning, doubling of
strings (i.e. 12 string or mandolin), capo, bending notes, muted
strings, chord creation, chord plucking, strumming, arpeggiating.
Use this to try out chords, tunings, and such while transcribing. In
conjunction with the notegrabber, you can quickly use this to figure out
the exact voicing. We have a large set of predefined instruments but
you can create and save your own.

11) Keyboard Control (windows only). Define keyboards with
any number of keys or select from our predefined set. Play chords.
In conjunction with the note grabber this can easily be used to zero
in on the proper voicing.

12) Staff Control (windows only). Create one or two staffs. Define
default key center and deal with transposition. This can be used to
check notes or chords against concert pitch. Very intuitive and easy to
use interface.

13) MP3 import. (windows only though soon on mac).

14) Support for machines with multiple CD players/sound cards.

15) Builtin CD ripper (windows only).

16) Adjust playback quality to coincide with machine strength.

17) Alternate slowdown for old machines.

Below are some links to the manual with pictures and explanations
and sound clip links

Press the back button on your browser after going to links to
return to this page.

Windows Version Manual

Press the back button on your browser after going to link to return to this page.

Full Speed real Audio sample

3/4 Speed Real Audio Sample

1/3 Speed Real Audio Sample

Full Speed Windows Wave file

1/2 speed Windows Wave File