How to Play and Improvise

All Inst Play Along J. Abersold Vol 1

to the Improvisation
Item# : HIM033
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The culmination of Jamey's 40 years as one of the world's leading jazz exponents, Volume 1 has unlocked the mysteries of jazz improvisation for a whole generation of musicians who previously had nowhere to turn for competent rhythm sections and accurate instruction.

This volume has updated information presented in a new manner that is both easy to understand and inspiring for all musicians wishing to explore the secrets of jazz improvisation. Includes chapters on scales/chords, developing creativity, improv fundamentals, 12 Blues Scales, Bebop scales, pentatonic scales and usage, time and feeling, melodic development, II/V7s, related scales and modes, practical exercises/patterns and licks, Dominant 7th tree of scale choices, nomenclature, chromaticism, scale syllabus, and more!
Music is fun and this set is the first step to enjoying it. Each of the recorded tracks on the CD feel great and is fun to play with. Recorded tracks include Blues in Bb and F, Four Dorian minor tracks, four-measure cadences, cycle of dominants, 24-measure song, II/V7 in all keys. Book includes transposed parts for all instruments.