Top Tones for Trumpet

Irving Bush

to the Trumpet
Item# : HTU130
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This series of range and technique studies was written to assist the serious trumpet player to meet the the demands and requirements placed upon him in this modern day and age.

Results are attained through intelligent, consistent, and countless hours of practice. Spasmodic or erratic practice will only result in mediocre performance. Correct thinking is the basic requisite for every level of accomplshment. Correct thinking and adequate practice are entirely dependent upon one another. The thinking period should precede the actual playing of the instrument. The proper approach is to think of how it is to be played and what elements are involved to palay it successfully. Comments are made at the beginning of each series to serve as a reminder of proper procedures and playing techniques. Correct procedure is essential to good performance. The notes on the page are meaningless unless the performer knows how to perform them correctly.