The Herbert L. Clarke Collection

for Solo Cornet/Trumpet and Piano

to the Trumpet
Item# : HTU136
Book: $ 24.95

Considered by many to be the best and most famous cornet player of all time, Herbert Clarke left a legacy of superior musicianship through his famous studies. He also contributed to the repertoire for cornet/trumpet as a means of expression that is still outstanding today. This collection includes material that is appropriate for intermediate to advanced players and would be fine additions to recitals, juries and competitions. Includes the Trumpet Parts as well as an additional book of the piano accompianiment

Pieces include: Foreword
About Herbert L. Clarke
Apollo Polka
Autumn Day, An (Scherzo)
Birth of Dawn
Bride of the Waves, The (Polka Brillante)
Carnival of Venice
Debutante, The
From the Shores of the Mighty Pacific
Fun icu II, Funicu la! (Fantasia)
Harp That Once thro' Tara's Halls, The (Cornet Solo with Variations)
Hebe Lullaby
Lake of Bays (Concert Polka) Lillian (Polka Caprice)
Maid of the Mist, The
May Day (Country Dance)
Memory Sweet 'Midst Battle's Roar, A (A Melody)
Musketeer, The (Polka)
My Lady Dreams (Romanza)
Norine (Waltz)
Polly (Song and Dance)
Side Partners (Cornet Duet)
Sounds from the Hudson (Valse Brillante)
Southern Cross, The
Stars in a Velvety Sky (Polka Brillante)
Supremacy of Right (Grand March)
Trixie Valse
Twilight Dreams
Venus Valse
Victory (Original Fantasie and Air Varie)