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A specific overview of Afro-Cuban/Caribbean trumpet history, techniques and influences from the early 1900's to today's Salsa. From the Charanga style to Conjunto, Cha-Cha-Cha', Mozambique, through the Boogaloo, Dominican Merengue, Puerto Rican Bomba, Venezuelan Gaita, Colombian Cumbia to modern Timba! Note by note solo transcriptions from the masters and a play-along CD with orchestral arrangements of original tunes and rhythms written by Cuban composer Willie "Paco" Aguero.
  Song Title:


  Book: Broadway  
  Book: Caballero que Bomba  
  Book: Cao mani Picao  
  Book: Como voy a sufrir  
  Book: Conga de la Habana  
  Book: Desconfianza  
  Book: El cierro Tiene la Llave  
  Book: El Merengue  
  Book: Guajira  
  Book: Juventud Amaliana  
  Book: La Chambelona  
  Book: La Guarapachanga  
  Book: Mejico D.F.  
  Book: No me Dejes de Querer  
  Book: Paunetto's Point  
  Book: Pueblo Nuevo se paso  
  Book: Que Suene la Flauta   Orquesta Aragon
  Book: Separala tambien  
  Book: Sonando  
  Book: Trompetas en Cha-Cha-Cha  
  Book: Waheera  
  CD Recording: Alma Sola  
  CD Recording: Arriesgate conmigo  
  CD Recording: Blasito Bocoy  
  CD Recording: El Codigo   Willie Paco Aguero
  CD Recording: El Lograr  
  CD Recording: Luna de Diciembre  
  CD Recording: Ta Calla  
  CD Recording: Telefono Frio  
  CD Recording: Una Improvisaction del Cirberto  
  Exercises: Patterns  
  Exercises: Practicing "with ghosts"  
  Exercises: Resistance and practicing  
  Exercises: Rhythmical mechanisms  
  Exercises: Section charts from combo arrangements to read  
  Exercises: The Clave  
  Exercises: The Length of solos, improvisation concepts  
  History: Charanga, Danzon, Conga, Rumba, Son Montuno  
  History: Cumbia, Songo, Latin-Rock, Salsa, Latin Pop  
  History: Guaguanco, Bolero, Cha-Cha, Cu-Bop  
  History: Mambo, Guaracha, Bomba, Plena, Pachanga  
  History: Mozambique, Merengue, Latin-Jazz, Latin Boogaloo  
  History: The Mamba Era, 1950-1970  
  History: The Modern Salsa, 1970-1990's  
  History: The roots of Salsa, 1930-1950