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Standard of Excellence Jazz Ensemble Method

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W31XE1 1st Alto Saxophone $14.95
W31XE2 2nd Alto Saxophone $14.95
W31XB1 1st Tenor Saxophone $14.95
W31XB2 2nd Tenor Saxophone $14.95
W31XR Baritone Saxophone $14.95
W31TP1 1st Trumpet $14.95
W31TP2 2nd Trumpet $14.95
W31TP3 3rd Trumpet $14.95
W31TP4 4th Trumpet $14.95
W31TB1 1st Trombone $14.95
W31TB2 2nd Trombone $14.95
W31TB3 3rd Trombone $14.95
W31TB4 4th Trombone $14.95
W31G Guitar $17.95
W31B Bass $17.95
W31P Piano $17.95
W31D Drums $17.95
W31A Vibes & Auxiliary Percussion $17.95
W31FL Flute $14.95
W31CL Clarinet $14.95
W31HF French Horn $14.95
W31BS Tuba $14.95
W31F Director Score $49.95
The STANDARD OF EXCELLENCE JAZZ ENSEMBLE METHOD by Dean Sorenson and Bruce Pearson is designed to help both you and your students explore the world of jazz through easy-to-use rhythm studies, improvisation studies, special rhythm section, "For ... Only" exercises, and full ensemble jazz charts. The approach is non-theoretical and aurally based. Each part book comes with an accompaniment CD, providing students with opportunities to listen to and play along with professional jazz musicians. Like every great jazz player throughout history, students will learn to play jazz by listening!
The STANDARD OF EXCELLENCE JAZZ ENSEMBLE METHOD is ideal for group or individual study by players of traditional jazz ensemble instruments: saxophone, trumpet, trombone, guitar, piano, bass, drums, vibes, and auxiliary percussion. For additional versatility parts are also offered for flute, clarinet, french horn, and tuba. It's perfect for use by middle school, junior high, high school and community jazz ensembles, or in the private studio. All studies and charts are playable by students with approximately two years playing experience, but are valuable to anyone who is interested in jazz, regardless of their playing ability.
  • Colorful graphics, easy-to-read text, conservative instrument ranges, and fully-notated rhythm section parts.
  • 13 Full Jazz Ensemble Charts.
  • Aurally-based Rhythm Studies.
  • Non-theoretical, aurally-based Improvisation Studies.
  • Jazz Articulation / Notation Glossary.
  • Play-along Accompaniment CD recorded by professional jazz musicians included with every book.
  • Full Jazz Ensemble Charts recording and play-along Accompaniment CD included with Director Score.
  • Guitar, Piano, Bass, Drums, and Auxiliary Percussion "For...Only" exercises correlated with individual charts.
  • Director Score includes all music and text in the student books, plus teaching tips, rehearsal suggestions, and activities to develop students' listening abilities, rhythmic skills, improvisation artistry, knowledge of jazz history, and understanding of style, form, orchestration, and composition (many activities are duplicable).
  • Jazz Ensemble Director's Guide in Director Score includes articles on player selection, band set-up, audio reinforcement, selecting music, rehearsal structure, concert programming, the director's role as "conductor," and rhythm section pedagogy.
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