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Standard of Excellence Jazz In Concert
Ensemble Charts

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The Standard of Excellence Jazz In Concert series contains original jazz ensemble charts correlated with the Standard of Excellence Jazz Ensemble Method. Each chart is scored for full jazz ensemble but will sound full and complete with as few as nine players. Parts for flute, clarinet, French horn, and tuba are also included.

RHYTHM STUDIES and IMPROVISATION STUDIES are included on the back of each student part. The Director Score contains rehearsal suggestions, program notes, director tips, composer biographies, and activities for excellence. A demonstration recording CD is included with each chart.

Standard of Excellence Jazz In Concert


You can also Call your order in 866 528 9224.

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Standard of Excellence Jazz In Concert

Blue Dinosaurs 
by Dean Sorenson
ZB335 • Grade 1 • $45 • 3:20
A medium tempo blues with a relaxed, easy melody line. A great chart to introduce both improvisational and ensemble playing techniques.

The Carpetbaggers 
by Dean Sorenson
ZB332 • Grade 2 • $45 • 2:25
A driving rock style with excellent horn writing and imaginative rhythm breaks.

by Dean Sorenson
ZB338 • Grade 2 • $45 • 3:25
This medium bossa nova is an excellent introduction to this Latin style.

Soft ‘n Gentle 
by Dean Sorenson
ZB337 • Grade 1 • $45 • 2:50
An ensemble ballad written in the style of the great swing ballads of the 40's.

Please Don't Climb on the Iguana 
by Dean Sorenson
ZB331 • Grade 2 • $45 • 3:20
A straight-ahead funk chart set in a moderate tempo. The perfect choice for teaching young bands to properly phrase sixteenth notes.

Walrus Walk 
by Dean Sorenson
ZB339 • Grade 1 • $45 • 3:00
This medium tempo swing chart sounds like a minor blues, but it never quite gets there.

Midnight Mambo 
by Dean Sorenson
ZB336 • Grade 2 • $45 • 2:45
A distinctive and exciting example of the mambo style with authentic rhythms in the horns, accompanied by a driving mambo beat in the rhythm section.

Rush Hour 
by Bruce Pearson
ZB340 • Grade 11/2 • $45 • 3:00
A driving rock chart that builds at the opening and gives way to a solid melodic writing across all sections.

Salsa Brava 
by Dean Sorenson
ZB341 • Grade 1 • $45 • 3:20
A sizzling grade one introduction to the Latin style featuring authentic rhythms written for the full jazz ensemble.

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